Please find, attached, files containing information about Wigtown & District Community Council’s first consultation (supported by Dumfries & Galloway Council) on arrangements to commemorate Louis McGuffie VC at the centenary of his VC award (which will be autumn 2018).

The main file contains an explanatory note, a work in progress biography of McGuffie, examples of the Ministry of Defence commemorative paving stones, notice and agenda of the public meeting in Wigtown on Monday 26/1/2015 which is part of this round of consultation, and a ballot paper.  The other files show a map of central Wigtown highlighting the possible sites, and mock-up images of each site.

We are keen to hear views, opinions and suggestions from local residents and those with a personal, professional or organisational interest in McGuffie.  We will be in touch again in the next round, which will look in more detail at the memorial, its dedication event, and associated activities.  Then, we will be pleased by any offers of information, advice and help; for now, we are keen to gather views, and settle on a definite location for the memorial, and answer the question of naming the Town Gardens after McGuffie.

We look forward to hearing from you, or indeed seeing you at the public meeting; or seeing you in Wigtown at some stage during this important period.

You can vote on your preferred location for the memorial stone at Wigtown County Buildings where these files are on display.

Click HERE to read the Information Pack. Opens in new tab/window. File is 2Mb.

Click HERE to read about the proposed Site options. Opens in new tab/window. File is 1.8Mb

Click HERE to view an aerial photo of the proposed Sites. Opens in new tab/window. File is 4Mb