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the Community Council

The LocalGovernment Act 1973

The core purpose of Community Councils is set out in the Local Government Act 1973. It is to ascertain and express the opinions of the local community aiming to benefit the community. This means trying to find out what the people of Wigtown and District think about important issues. We are keen to involve as many people as we can in what we do, and we need to know what people in this part of the Machars think.

Our meetings are all open to the public. The main CC meetings are in the County Buildings (supper room)  Wigtown, on the second Monday each month, at 7.30 pm.

What issues are important to you?
What should your Community Council be doing?
Would you like to take part?


Representing your views

The Royal Burgh of Wigtown & District Community Council is the most local tier of the democratic process.

We represent the communities of Wigtown, Kirkinner and Whauphill, and the surrounding farmland. Passing the community’s views and concerns onto public authorities (like D&G Council) and other organisations. Commenting on planning applications. Taking part in local democratic processes (like the Wigtown Area Committee and the Common Good Fund). Helping inform about important issues.

The Community Council also arranges community activities and events through its committees. Events like Wigtown Week in July, the Christmas lighting Winterfest, and the Act of Remembrance in November.




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